We have the most delightful Underdog hounds looking for their forever home. Our dogs are specifically selected for the project as they demonstrate the ability to be trained and are generally bright and eager to learn. They have received basic clicker training, have been socialised with older children and would really flourish as part of a family.


Smallz, an incredible dog of about four to five years in age, arrived at DARG in March 2017 after being rescued from the Imizamo Yethu fire. She is playful, loveable and intelligent and would make a wonderful candidate for agility training.

Smallz is looking for a good home and would be a loyal and loving companion for any lucky family.

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Penelope is a sweet, kind 3 year old lady who is enthusiastic about all things cuisine related. She’s bright, affectionate and so focused during her training sessions at The Underdog Project. The children love working with her and we all feel it’s time this special girl got a family of her very own.

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Cuzzie, a dapper, mature gent. He deserves a home with someone who won’t leave him for hours on end, perhaps someone who works from home or part time. He loves his walks, especially exploring the forest. He needs a stable, predictable routine and someone who will consider working with a dog behaviorist so as to set him up for success.

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Tazer is a 3 year old trail running enthusiast. He loves playing ball and keeping mentally and physically stimulated. No couch potatoes need apply. He’s a sweet boy with so much character. He is very fun loving and loves object play.

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