Building Young Lives

Underdog addresses social and emotional needs of youths and children using non-invasive animal-assisted activities, like dog training.

Helping Shelter Dogs

The training that Underdog shelter dogs receive reduces kennel stress, prepares them for their new homes and accelerates their adoption.

Growing a Humane Community

We instil humane education in youths and their community, promoting responsible animal care and non-violent communities.

Olivia visits The Underdog Project

Olivia was a recent intern at The Underdog Project, from Chichester in England, who was with our team for a few weeks, getting to grips with how workshops work and learning about the bond between animals and humans. She has continued on with her journey back to England but we’d like to say a huge thank […]


Anya Hollands – our new Lead Facilitator

We’re hugely excited to welcome Anya Hollands on board with The Underdog Project team as our new Lead Facilitator. Anya started as a volunteer at The Underdog Project, where her passion and love for animals grew even more. Before Anya became a volunteer, she was a regular visitor to Hout Bay and DARG, and seeing […]