Building Young Lives

Underdog addresses social and emotional needs of youths and children using non-invasive animal-assisted activities, like dog training.

Helping Shelter Dogs

The training that Underdog shelter dogs receive reduces kennel stress, prepares them for their new homes and accelerates their adoption.

Growing a Humane Community

We instil humane education in youths and their community, promoting responsible animal care and non-violent communities.

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for an amazing Social Entrepreneur/ Social Enterprise Manager. If this is you, or if you know someone who would be perfect, please get in touch! More details below. Job description  Social Entrepreneur/Social Enterprise Manager Candidate requirements A big, brave heart – if you have always dreamed of running an amazing project that helps children […]


Adrie Le Roux wrote a children’s book

Adrie le Roux’s first children’s book ‘Farrah is not a Dalmatian’ tells the story of a small dog with a big problem. Everyone thinks she is something that she is not and the book explores identity, self-worth and the adventure of self-discovery. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of Farrah is not a […]